Hooded Bath Towel

Animal Hooded Towel

What is a hooded baby towel exactly? Baby towels are used to dry our baby and keep warm after bathing or swimming. There are many types of baby bath towels, such as square baby towel, hooded baby towel and so on. The hooded towel can fix the bath towel on the babys head without moving the bath towel.

I mainly introduce you to the animal hooded towel and I think the hooded towel is necessary for babies. Animal Hooded towel is most suitable for babies, not only because they look cute, but also because their size fit our babies better than a square bath towel. The square baby towels are too big for babies. And I think the best fit size for hooded towel is 35x35inches for newborns and babies. We have many types of animals hooded, like elephant, panda, giraffe, bear, and so on. Moms would like to choose different animals for your babies as you like.

For the health of the babys skin, I suggest that the bath towel needs to be replaced in 3 to 4 months and make it dry after using, so moms need to be prepared 3 to 4 pieces towels at home for the baby to use at least.

   Animal hooded towel has 3 kinds of material: 100% cotton,100% bamboo and bamboo cotton. Cotton fabric has moisture retention and absorption, heat resistance and odorless. Cotton towel is one of the most commonly used materials in the world, but Its breathable is not good as bamboo fabric. Bamboo fabric is soft and warm, antibacterial and breathable, environmentally friendly and anti-ultraviolet rays. Bamboo cotton fabric is made of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, so it contains part of the characteristics of pure cotton and bamboo fiber.

So, how can you choose an animal hooded towels? Regarding the size, as mentioned above, the most suitable size is about 35x35inches, which is very suitable for the newborns and can keep the baby's body still. Regarding the material, it couldnt be better to use bamboo hooded towels for babies and newborns. Bamboo fabric is made of bamboo fabric, which made of bamboo viscose is three times softer than pure cotton. It also has natural properties that make it naturally beneficial to your health. And bamboo also naturally provides additional protection from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. Because of anti-bacterial and anti- ultraviolet, then it is prefect for babies and newborns.

SNOW&HANS bamboo animal hooded towel can do this perfectly, and its softness and comfort have become the best choice of many mothers.

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