Changing Pad Liner

The changing pad is not a disposable diaper or a cloth diaper. Its main function is to isolate urine to ensure that the mattress is not soaked by urine. It is best to replace the changing pad immediately to keep the baby's butt dry.

Babies can sleep on a changing pad, making mothers feel more at ease


changing pad cover waterproof is one of the must-have products for the family. From the moment the baby is born, mommy will choose to use diapers as one of the baby's essential products. Many moms often use diapers to put on their babies when they take care of their babies. For a long time, the babies are prone to stuffy butt, red butt. If you want to ventilate your baby's ass, but are afraid of the baby's bed wetting, then we recommend moms to use  changing pad cover waterproof product.


How to help your baby grow up freely, we recommend S&H changing pad cover waterproof . Babies don’t have to wear diapers for a long time, and moms can rest assured. Every family will prepare several changing mat products for babies. When the baby is playing in the activity area, he/she can choose the changing mat for the baby to use when he/she sleeps. Keep your baby's butt dry.


This changing pad cover waterproof is recyclable, so that the changing pad is no longer a consumable, saving money for taking care of the baby. We have different materials of changing pads, like PVC waterproof material and cotton material. Many moms choose PVC material and put on the baby's active area. If the baby accidentally urinates on it, just rinse the surface with water once, so it makes it easy to take care of the baby.


Cotton changing mats are also the favorite products of moms. Spread on the baby's bed to prevent the baby from wetting the bed while sleeping. The softness, comfort, and skin-friendliness of this model have been tested in detail. The softer the fabric, the more comfortable for the baby to use, and the strong water absorption capacity to prevent the baby from getting wet on the mattress when wetting the bed and mommy dont need to clean the mattress frequently! The comfortable changing pad cover waterproof will not make the baby's skin feel uncomfortable. The skin-friendly and safe design is one of the main features of our brand! Babies sleep at ease, mothers don’t worry!

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