ocket Cloth Diaper – These diapers outside material is waterproof polyester with TPU and inside material is suede cloth fabric with one pocket where you could place the absorbent inserts. The main advantage of pocket cloth diaper is the ability to adjust the insert according to different absorption levels. And this will be put a good position that suitable for your baby.

For this type diaper, you could put the insert on the suede cloth that can touch baby’s skin directly. And you could put the insert into the pocket.


How to use the Pocket Cloth Diaper?

If you use our one-size variety pocket cloth diaper(adjustable with snaps down the front to fit babies from about 8-35lbs). Any buttons on the diaper are used to adjust the waist circumference. The need to make the diaper large (long) or small (short) under any buckle on the front of the diaper.


About the Pocket Cloth Diaper lining material, we have many choices.

There are mesh fabric, suede cloth fabric, cotton, bamboo fiber, bamboo cotton, bamboo charcoal, polar fleece and so on. We accept customers’ customized requirements.

Today, let's talk about why we choose suede cloth fabric as the most conventional diaper lining. This fabric is the most cost-effective material. We compared a variety of materials, this is the fastest water absorption, quick-drying, and the most affordable. It is an excellent choice for pocket cloth diaper that fit baby's skin. The liquid passes directly through the suede cloth into the inner absorbent layer of the pad. Unlike wool, it does not pilling.


Regarding other fabrics, let's briefly talk about their characteristics.

(1). This Athletic Wicking Mesh fabric is soft and ultra-thin, which can effectively keep the skin dry. The dimpled side is close to the skin. When used to line diapers or inserts, it quickly absorbs moisture from the skin to the absorbent layer.

(2). Bamboo fabric is natural material. This material is very soft and suitable for diaper lining fabric, it can be touch baby’s skin directly. Secondly, this fabric is highly breathable, helps to absorb the moisture in the baby's body, and can quickly dry out. This will benefit the baby's skin. So this fabric is very popular among parents. It will be used in bath towels, small towels and other textile products.

(3.) Polar fleece fabric is a very soft material that can keep your baby comfortable. When the weather gets cold, this material is very suitable for babies. The small fluff on its surface will make the baby feel soft and warm and keep the cold air away from the baby.

(4.) Cotton fabric is the most original fabric. Strong abrasion resistance and softness, this fabric can be bought everywhere.

(5). Bamboo charcoal fabric is made from a combination of fleece and microfiber.

It has the advantages of antibacterial and good water absorption.


That’s all for the pocket cloth diaper! If you want to know more, pls contact us!

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