Brand Story

S&H is named from children of the founder. S stands for SNOW and H stands for HANS. The founder hopes to build a brand with the love parents have devoted to kids. S&H designs and produces items which are both stylish and practical. To let love flow, S&H has developed a series of daily baby items and living products with love. It not only makes parents enjoy the time with kids more, but also presents a sense of modern and fashion tastes. With the support and love from customers, S&H has sold products to more than 50 countries in world and are loved by the mothers in the world.

NINGBO WeRainbow International Trade Co., Ltd.

Brand Mission

Make company DECISIONS that follow our brand mission. We want our clients to be able to see and understand what our brand mission is and convey this information INTERNALLY to all company members. By understanding what our brand mission is your company will solely be able to make brand decisions that ONLY follow what our mission is as a brand.

Brand Goals

A strong set of brand goals is what allows our company to MOVE in one single unified direction as well as make brand decisions that help us meet our brand GOALS. A brand goal should be S.M.A.R.T, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. When creating our own brand goals what is next is to put in place a plan to acheive them.

Brand Values

Brand values standardize our companies behaviour so it's in line with our brand values. We want our own company as well as our clients to understand what is important to us.

Why Choose S&H

S&H core competency comes from our below 6 parts.


We hold weekly fashion design

Small Orders

We support small orders, which can help our customers grow.


Custom made and accept "self-taylor".

Big Warehouse

Big warehouse for storage to support small order and quick delivery.

Payment is Flexible

Payment is flexible, TT, PAYPAL, trade assurance, western union are all workable for us.


Safety is main core forever. Our product can pass GOTS, SGS, GIG, OEKO TEX.

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