Why choose the cloth diaper?

1.     Cloth diaper is eco friendly, it is soft and ventilate, baby will not allergy when using it.

2.     It not only save money but also look fashion comparing with the disposable cloth diaper.

What is the advantage the cloth diaper has comparing with disposable diaper?

If u use disposable diaper, for example, it needs 6pcs disposable diaper for one day, about 2190pcs for one year, it will take u about USD700 for the disposable diaper per year, but for our cloth diaper, it can be washed by machine, so supposing we will 6 sets per day and 20sets one year should be enough. And supposing you sell them usd6.00-7.00 per set in your market. And it only takes customers about USD140 for one year, it can save much money. The cost is about 1/5. So you can say how economical it is .

How to use it?

We use cloth diaper insert together, put insert into the cloth diaper and when baby piss, take out insert and replace new insert and washed them by machine. for the snap and velcro, it can be adjust the size, it is one size average, and suitable for 9-35lbs babies. But we also have new-born size and super size to fit different babies.

If baby pooh, it seems it is too dirty if we wash it?

If baby pooh pooh, there is bamboo lining and you can put it in the cloth diaper and then after baby pooh and just take it out. Or you can use the cloth diaper sprayer to clean the cloth diaper.   As for baby piss, piss will be absorbed by the inserts inside through the bamboo lining.

What are the materials for Baby Blanket? And what is the difference?

The materials for Baby Blanket are: 100% Cotton, 100% Organic Cotton, Jersey Cotton, Bamboo Cotton, 100% Bamboo, Coral Fleece (100% Polyester).

The materials also can be customized as per your requirements.

Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

We’re a company partially owned one factory and have 12 key cooperating factories.