Milestone Blanket

Milestone Blanket

Baby Girl Milestone Blanket

Do babies need milestone blanket? It is a satisfying thing to record your baby’s growth with baby milestone photos every month. The baby girl milestone blanket can help to take some great photos of your babies every month against a wonderful background.

When you have children, time flies-they grow and changed so much in the first year of birth that they can walk and talk without you knowing it, and the one you held in your arms for the first time the little baby feels like a lifetime ago. If you want to track key age milestones as your baby grows, the baby girl milestone blanket is an awesome  photo accessory.

The baby girl milestone blanket is a popular fashion way of baby age, you can post a photo blanket on Instagram. It’s the first time for each baby to meet, waiting for the baby to get up to commemorate the moment, such as sitting down, taking the first step, speaking for the first time and so on. There are also lots of props to help you mark your child's age, like wreath, vine wood circle and felt photo frame with different shapes.

Milestone blankets are available in a variety of materials, including single-sided flannel fleece, double-sided flannel fleece and cotton muslin fabric. So how do we choose the fabric of baby girl milestone blanket? In most case, we will choose flannel fleece blanket as milestone blankets, such as single-sided or double-side flannel fleece. Because the colors of flannel fabrics are very simple and elegant, and there are also many different styles of tones, which is mainly divided into different degrees of gray. It’s very good for making some more formal coats and blankets. Flannel is a very solid fabric. Its pile is very delicate and tight, so you won’t see textures in its surface. And it’s very thick, soft and warm. The most important thing is that it will not shed hair, and it will not pilling. Another kind of muslin milestone blanket, the material is lighter and thinner and the air permeability is better. Muslin milestone blanket is also a good choice if you still want to swaddle your babies.

Snow&hans’s baby girl milestone blanket is skin-friendly, soft, warm, breathable and lightweight. Double-sided plush locks heat, reduces air intake, which is thicker and tighter than ordinary blankets and has lower shrinkage rate. Healthy printing has high color fastness and good air permeability. If you want milestone blankets, our products are your best choice for your babies.

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