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Snow&hans will let you know more about diaper covers.


What is the waterproof diaper covers?

The waterproof diaper covers are equipped with a decorative waterproof shell and absorbent long foldable inserts suitable for babies weighing 5-15 kg.

The waterproof diaper covers: the material is waterproof polyester with TPU, this is reusable material for the diaper. They are purely waterproof shells and are not absorbent. You must add your own absorbency, such as pre-folding, our snap-on bamboo inserts, our microfiber inserts, bamboo cotton inserts, hemp inserts and so on.


Every diapers are waterproof and breathable. When you use natural pre-fold diapers, prefolds, flats and fitteds made of cotton, you need a waterproof shell. At this time you need a diaper cover, which is waterproof and stylish. Then, the baby’s urine will not seep out.


Patterns or Plain Colors?

We can do the diaper covers with cute patterns or solid color. Choose according to your personal preference. This is the fun part! We accept OEM for the diaper cover shape and designs.


One Size, Small or Large?

One size protective cover can be adjusted in multiple size ranges, so you need fewer sizes and therefore less cost. However, the larger the size range of the hood, the larger the volume around the middle of the hood and the more fluffy it is, which is suitable for babies at the lower end of the size range. The diaper covers also with different sizes. Not one size fits all babies. Some babies grow faster, some babies are thinner, so mothers must choose according to their babies. The right size can prevent leakage more effectively. The waist and legs can be adjusted according to the baby to ensure that the baby wears comfortably and fits well.


How do we use the waterproof diaper cover?

You could place the absorbent insert on top of the diaper cover or you could snap the insert into our cover, because the cover has snaps on the front and back, just like our single-size diapers.  


How many waterproof diaper covers do we need?

Normally we suggest you can arrange at least 5 diaper covers, but it really depends on you how often you to wash it. In general, the diaper cover will be not dirty. It can be directly rinsed with water or wiped with a wet handkerchief easily. The baby's diaper pocket is a regular item, just like our clothes. So stylish is also very important, many parents will choose according to their preferences. The baby is wearing short sleeves and the fashionable diapers chosen by the mothers, which will be the most beautiful scenery this summer.


Note: waterproof diaper covers are not absorbent when they are sold, so we need to add absorbent material diaper insert before using it as a diaper, such as such pre-folds, flats or inserts. Alternatively, you can use the covers as an all in two diaper by snapping in snow&hans Baby bamboo or a dry insert.

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